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An Assessment of Citizens' Engagement in Public Administration in Kenya

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Author Chirchir M.Kimeli, Barasa P. Wawire, Ongeri G. Manyibe, MugendiTeresia, OmulayiG.Nafukho
ISSN 2307-2466
On Pages 317-325
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 6
Issue Date November 01, 2020
Publishing Date November 01, 2020
Keywords Citizen, engagement, administration, Kenya


This paper seeks to identify, describes trends in citizen participation in Kenya�s democratic processes, and propose a citizen engagement framework reflecting best practices in the administration of public services through broadly tracing challenges, experiences and achievements of the citizen participation as provided for by the Kenyan constitution and Acts of parliament. It is important and inevitable that a formative assessment of citizen participation should be undertaken to determine whether the program is on course in terms of achieving the objectives for which it was put in place. This article is composed of four main sections: In the first section, authors conduct a quick inventory of existing legal and policy frameworks for citizen participation and summarize the shortcomings of current practices, then explores an emerging field of practice known as deliberative democracy. The article also provides some examples of where citizens engage face-to-face in addressing community issues. Third, authors provide a summary of key features and techniques for deliberation within a proposed framework. In the same section, authors provide an inventory of some of the most promising engaging techniques as a starting point for Government to choose among these techniques. Finally, authors conclude the article with a set of recommendations that are expected to encourage public deliberation in the activities of government and support the development of an �infrastructure of engagement� throughout the central government and county governments. To develop the article, authors relied on a substantial literature review including an in-depth review of existing public involvement guides.

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