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Business and Human Rights Violation: A Study on Selected Corporate Human Rights Violation Cases in Indian As Well As Global Context

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Author Isha Sharma, Neelu Rohmetra
ISSN 2307-2466
On Pages 255-261
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 6
Issue Date November 01, 2020
Publishing Date November 01, 2020
Keywords Business, International standards, Monetary, Multinational enterprises, Stakeholders


Business and its key stakeholders are entitled to share responsibility of each other, but this responsibility is primarily monetary in nature. This monetary relationship only encompasses the profit as a key characteristic to define it. The stakeholders i.e. shareholders, employees, owners, suppliers, distributors and society take keen interest in securing each other�s stake in business but the interest term lacks humane character. Due to this, void the humane character even if violated goes unnoticed, unattended and unheard. This in turn imbalances the relationship that exists between business and its key stakeholders whereby the society and its members feel the heat of neglect and history has got number of cases in its lap to present this generation a challenge, a query to introspect that where lies the responsibility, who to share this responsibility, the key beneficiaries of business end products and proper check and balance system to evaluate the business motives. This paper is intended to study the cases of business and human rights in context of the policy practice and law not only limited to Indian Territory but as a world whole. On global front International standards, addressing business and human rights have begun to emerge recently, with a binding international regime yet to be developed. Various Initiatives such as the United Nations Global Compact and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises comprise voluntary and legally unenforceable standards which have served to bring some prominence to the issue of business and human rights internationally. Human rights bodies have also addressed the human rights obligations of States about private actors, including businesses. With the wave of globalization, the human rights and its relationships with business have gained dynamic definition. The law and policies have to be global at one end and country specific on other. This in turn makes the role of state more critical in terms of policy formulation and implementation. We as a researcher will make a sincere attempt to investigate this matter and come up to a conclusive model.

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