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Innovation: Technological and Cultural Construct Model

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Author Manuel T. Fernandes
ISSN 2307-2466
On Pages 351-370
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 7
Issue Date December 01, 2020
Publishing Date December 01, 2020
Keywords cultural innovation, technological innovation, strategic innovation, value, value creation


The existing research and consequent literature on innovation are quite extensive. There is a vast variety of models that explain the many different dimensions and scopes of innovation, up to a greater degree. However, some dimensions and scopes of innovation are still to be discussed and researched, such as the cultural dimension and the creation process scope. Further, the relation between innovation and value creation is not yet discussed down to the needed deepness that can provide a clear understanding, for scholars and professionals, of the existing inter-connections between both. This paper introduces a new discussion about innovation in the business arena, based on a dual approach, covering technological and cultural transformation or evolution. Despite many attempts to understand those two sides of innovation that mainly impact products (goods or services), we havenít yet reached a full understanding of how they interconnect and play together, and how they impact, individually or in conjunction, the value dimension of products. The paper intends to bring a new theoretical base, inspired on existing literature and empirical observation, that encompasses the two most well identified sides of our lives, tangible and intangible, in an attempt to create a new basis of understanding for scholars, policy makers, professionals and business decision makers that can facilitate political and business decisions and increase the potential impact of these on the economy and society. The paper also aims at opening a larger area for future research and better understanding of ways to manage business and products and to influence the economy and society in the fields of technological innovation and cultural innovation.

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