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Assessment of Community Participation in Protected Area: A Case Study of Kainji Lake National Park, Nigeria

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Author Wahab,M. K. A, Adewumi,A. A
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 60-64
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 1
Issue Date March 01, 2020
Publishing Date March 01, 2020
Keywords Assessment, Community participation, Conservation, Financial Support, poverty.


The study assessed the participatory role of community involvement in line with the achievement of the National conservation goals. This entails the use of active involvement of local people in park planning formation, executing and implementing management strategies of renewable resources and its environment. Data were collected from parks annual reports, park management plan, research and information units and environ-consult reports. The global environmental facility (GEF) through the local empowerment programme (LEEMP) provides a non-refundable grant while the World Bank with assistant of the internal development association (IDA) provides a refundable credit facility for local communities. This financial supports was aimed at providing alternative means of livelihood for the rural people in the community and alleviate the poverty. The attention was diverted from wanton and illegal exploitation of natural resources within the locality. The first stage considered ten communities selected from the Borgu sector and the second stage also has ten communities selected as well for their financial assistance. Constraints observed in the implementation of the programme includes lack of project vehicle, computer system and accessories, frequent changes in programme design and directives, lack of confidence in project administration, remoteness of the communities and lateness in release of the micro-projects fund. Successful implementation of the programme requires sound management and supervision of the project time frame. Future projects need to be more encourage and should be based on re-vegetation mainly (a forestation) and not deforestation in the conservation environment.

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