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International Journal of Economics, Finance and Management >> Volume 5, Issue 2, June 2016

International Journal of Economics, Finance and Management

Vol. 2, No. 7 November 2020

Table of Contents

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Towards Monitoring the Selfish Behaviours of Corporate Managers: Does Institutional Foreign Ownership Matter? Abstract PDF
Josephat Lotto 453-461
Impact of Technical Education on the Labor Productivity Abstract PDF
Abdul Rehman, Dr Khalid Mughal 462-471
Financial Development and the "Growth-Inequality-Poverty" Triangle: A Comparative Study between Developed and Developing Countries Abstract PDF
Abdelhafidh DHRIFI 472-481
Flow of Information and Content Manipulation in Libyan Organisations: Case Study of MFZ Company Abstract PDF
Khalid Ramadan Ali, Mohammed M. Elsheh 482-485
The Relevance of Marshall Plan Today Abstract PDF
Gusztáv Báger 486-492
Economic Dimensions of Jordan’s Privatization Policy Abstract PDF
Tahani M. Saieq 493-498
Market Discipline by Bank Governance in Managing Credit Risk Abstract PDF
Mohamed Sadok Gassouma, Mohamed Tahar Rajhi 499-507
Lean Accounting and Lean Business Philosophy in Nigeria: An Exploratory Research Abstract PDF
Okpala Kenneth Enoch 508-515
The Foreign Banking Sector in the Wake of Globalization. Evidence from Bulgarian Banking Market Abstract PDF
Dr. Stamatis Kontsas, Professor Anastasios Alexandridis 516-520
Analysis of the EUR/USD Forward Exchange Premium Abstract PDF
Nessrine Hamzaoui Aloui 521-530
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